A deposit of £100 will confirm your booking. However, payment in full must be received 28 days before the event.

Our charges are £400 minimum charge for up to two hours playing; thereafter it is £200 for each hour or part hour booked.  The deposit will be deducted from this amount.


All timings and all possible out door requirements must be confirmed within 28 days of the event.       


We charge from the time we start playing to the time we finish playing. Any “waiting around” time or travelling time between two venues (eg church and reception venue) is charged at the same rate.   As a general guide, a minimum of 3 hours should be booked if you require us to play at two venues e.g. the Church and any part of the reception.  Please ensure that you allow enough time if you intend booking the quartet for the drinks reception and the wedding meal.  If you intend booking the quartet solely for the wedding meal we recommend that we are booked for either up to the speeches if these are to be at the end of the meal or after the speeches if these are to be at the beginning of the meal.  


We will always try and respond to specific requests, however we require that any such requests are limited to a Maximum of 3 per event. Any special requests will need to be made at least 6 weeks prior to the event and may incur extra cost.

If it is necessary to arrange a piece of music for you an additional charge will be incurred.


At the venue, we need four chairs WITHOUT ARMS and a space of approximately 6ft deep by 10ft wide. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU PASS THIS INFORMATION ONTO THE VENUE IN QUESTION.  


We are happy to play outdoors if requested, but please note that it is WEATHER PERMITTING and we will decide on the day if the weather is appropriate to outdoor playing. Too much wind sends the music flying and we cannot play if we are too cold. Please ensure adequate provision is made for us to play in a sheltered place should the weather be inclement.

If on the day of the event it is hot & sunny and the quartet are playing outside, there must be some shade for the quartet to play under. E.g. A gazebo, large parasol, tree etc.

Our full terms & conditions will be sent to you with your booking form after receiving your enquiry


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